Controlling billions of minds

I’ve been say­ing this for some time: Not we are using a ser­vice; we are being used.

Tech­no­lo­gy is hijack­ing our minds and socie­ty.

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A handful of peo­p­le working at a handful of tech com­pa­nies steer the thoughts of bil­li­ons of peo­p­le every day, says design thin­ker Tris­tan Har­ris. From Face­book noti­fi­ca­ti­ons to Snapst­reaks to You­Tube auto­plays, they’­re all com­pe­ting for one thing: your atten­ti­on. Har­ris shares how the­se com­pa­nies prey on our psy­cho­lo­gy for their own pro­fit and calls for a design renais­sance in which our tech ins­tead encou­ra­ges us to live out the time­line we want.

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