Killing two birds with one stone. What this bloody mess is all about

John Joseph Mears­hei­mer in his office.

The big­gest mista­ke one can make espe­ci­al­ly in times of trou­ble is to belie­ve in the own pro­pa­gan­da. Some­thing that even an expe­ri­en­ced guy like Vla­di­mir Putin has to (re-)learn now. I have no doubt that he will fail soo­ner or later. The bil­li­on-dol­lar-ques­ti­on is: At which cost for the Ukrai­ni­ans and for us?

But we in the west should not buy our own cozy nar­ra­ti­ves eit­her. Becau­se it is plain stu­pid and leads nowhe­re IMHO.

The fol­lo­wing lec­tu­re by John Mears­hei­mer from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Chi­ca­go is a real eye-ope­ner – if not for all, still for many. The most unideo­lo­gi­cal, down to earth ana­ly­sis of the gene­sis of this bloo­dy con­flict we are wit­nessing. And it only has begun. Thanks for a fri­end for brin­ging this to my atten­ti­on.

The fact that it is 7 years old, does not mean it is out­da­ted. Far from. It means that is even more clear-sigh­ted and rea­li­stic – wit­hout any inter­fe­rence by the hor­ror we all see on the news-out­lets curr­ent­ly.

Yes, it is long, I know. But it is well worth your time. Some of the nar­row­min­ded wisen­hei­mers on the news­desks espe­ci­al­ly in my coun­try might see their unfoun­ded beliefs shat­te­red, but, frank­ly – who cares?

I who­le-hear­ted­ly agree. 100%. And this hard­ly ever hap­pens.

Akti­vie­ren Sie Java­Script um das Video zu sehen.

And here is an update, still (short­ly) befo­re the inva­si­on though. »Asking for serious trou­ble«.

Akti­vie­ren Sie Java­Script um das Video zu sehen.

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  • out­stan­ding, eye-ope­ning and at the same time very sad for all the human vic­tims and the truth (which is the first item to die during war)

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