We shall overcome

Joe Biden.

»We must end this unci­vil war.«

Joe Biden

It may not have been a gre­at speech in total. But parts of it cer­tain­ly were.
And I for one am hap­py to see and hear an Ame­ri­can pre­si­dent deli­ver a speech that does not sound like the clamor of the most bother­so­me 3‑year-old you can think of.
And I have to admit that Aman­da Gor­man brought me to tears with her poem »The Hill We Climb«.[1]Not available in full as of now.[2]Pre­si­den­ti­al Inau­gu­ra­ti­on Poems Go figu­re.

Good luck, Joe!


1 Not available in full as of now.
2 Pre­si­den­ti­al Inau­gu­ra­ti­on Poems

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