Why do they let Trump do his thing?

Igno­rance on all levels

Reve­al­ing a secret that is no secret might be con­side­red banal. Some­thing I have been won­de­ring mys­elf for quite some time is: Why is the­re so litt­le real resis­tance against Trump and his clep­to­cra­tic entou­ra­ge? If so many peo­p­le know that he is not fit for the job, that he is evil and doing harm to about any aspect of socie­ty and our envi­ron­ment – why don’t they act? And why do so many peo­p­le do not­hing except pos­ting more or less smart memes on the so-cal­led social media and con­sider this poli­ti­cal enga­ge­ment?

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