Fan­tas­ti­sche Sei­te!

Eine wah­re Fund­gru­be mit Tipps und Tuto­ri­als zu Gimp, Blen­der, Inkscape und ein paar ande­ren Open-Source-Tools.

Sehr emp­feh­lens­wert.


This is a gre­at source of infor­ma­ti­on and a very good place to dis­cuss pho­to-rela­ted Open Source soft­ware. Basi­cal­ly. But bewa­re: The­re are some patro­ni­zing and not exact­ly fri­end­ly folks around as well. You have been war­ned.

Photo-Workflow in Linux with Digikam

Well, this is not for Digi­k­am alo­ne. You should con­sider this as a gui­de­line on how you can orga­ni­ze your digi­tal pho­tos in Linux (and the other one as well 😉 ) I am far from say­ing that this is the only way to do it, but I can assu­re you that it works and […]